Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taylor Moved to Tears!!

THERE is one thing concert-goers took away from American country sweetheart Taylor Swift's maiden Singapore gig: The gal can sing.

The 21-year-old has been plagued by talk that her voice wasn't up to scratch, after critics blasted her Grammy performance last year.
But on Wednesday night, her vocals were near pitch-perfect throughout the 95min show, save for a moment where she faltered on the ballad, Enchanted.
One must say that her voice shone particularly bright on Dear John - that tirade supposedly written for her former boyfriend, John Mayer.
Midway through her show, Swift gave her fans what is known in showbiz as a moment - when she made her way towards the back of the stadium, and settled down on a makeshift stage.
There, she serenaded her audience with a thrilling, three-song acoustic set with her guitar (and a ukelele in the case of her 2008 hit, Fearless, which she presented as a mash-up with Jason Mraz smash hit I'm Yours).
The Grammy-winning singer - who first garnered mainstream attention with Teardrops On My Guitar, from her self-titled 2006 debut - looked gobsmacked, too, at the outpouring of adoration that greeted her at the Indoor Stadium.
Fans held up home-made signs declaring their love for Swift. And the audience - made up mostly of teens and tweens, parents in tow - let out unrelenting screams of her name.
The songstress, here in support of her latest album, Speak Now, sometimes looked teary-eyed in the face of it all.
But for most part, she gave as good as she got.
She strutted across the two-tier stage like a seasoned pro, flipping her hair and swirling her hips.
But for all the theatrics, Swift came across as humble.
At the end of her show, she introduced her band before saying: "Singapore, you have been wonderful to us. We will never forget you, and we will never stop loving you."
Judging by the smile on her face and the sincerity in her voice, she might have meant it, with all her heart.
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